Spring auction held at Bike Barn in La Crosse

LA CROSSE (WKBT) – Saturday morning, the City of La Crosse held its annual spring auction. It gives everyone a chance to get a bike at a decent price.

The bikes being sold are those police have found that may have been stolen and have not yet been claimed.

“A lot of the bikes are found on peoples’ property that don’t belong to them,” said Stephanie Gavrilos, property and evidence technician for the La Crosse Police Department. “Unfortunately, they’re taken from somebody’s house, and then dropped off at a different house, and then the police department gets called and brings the bikes down here.”

Police say the best way to make sure your bike doesn’t end up on the auction block is to register it as soon as you purchase it. That way, if it does get stolen and makes its way to the bike barn, you have the proof of ownership and can get your bike back.

There are more details on the City of La Crosse’s website.

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