Spring and La Crosse’s Rudy’s Drive-In are back

The restaurant opened for the season on March 26th

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)- A La Crosse institution is back in business. Friday, March 26th is opening day at Rudy’s Drive-In. 

Of all the signs of spring, this, at least in La Crosse, is the one that means the most. “They go like crazy. We had people here at 10:45. We didn’t open up until 11.”, says car hop Miranda Wally.

Rudy’s drive-in is back for its 88th season. “Ever year seems to be better than the last.”, says owner Gary Rudy.  Just in time for those of us, feeling like winter really is for the birds. “He likes French fries”, says the owner of Jasper the parrot. 

Not much has changed at this La Crosse institution. One reason people come back year after year. “It’s been 40 plus years of opening day.”, says Joan Blaschke. The La Crosse woman always rolls in for a root beer and fries. She used to do it on skates. Today, Rudy’s first roller skating car hop gladly sits behind the steering wheel so her daughter can learn the ropes from the back seat. “Its a family tradition. I’m hoping Rylan gets to work here someday too.”, says Blaschke.

Whether its for the food or fun with family, Rudy’s is happy to welcome everyone back.  sign of the season and good times still ahead.  “It’s fun to be missed, it really is.”, says Rudy.

Rudy’s fans in Monroe County will have to wait a bit long for root beer and fries. The Rudy’s in Sparta opens May 1st.