"Win The Battle"

"Win The Battle"

LA CROSSE, WI - "I love teaching, I love kids.  I like to get up in the morning and do my job," Logan High School physical education teacher Jodi Mahlum said.

Jodi Mahlum has been a physical education teacher at Logan High School for 10 years.

"The students, I think they are excited to be here.  They're great," Mahlum said.

And the students think she's pretty great too.

"Ms. Mahlum is an energetic and active person.  And she is a wonderful person in general," Logan junior Sydnie Adams said.

Unfortunately, Mahlum hasn't been around much this school year.   She was diagnosed with breast cancer in July and had to undergo a double mastectomy to remove the cancer cells.

 "Someone you know is actually going through this.  And it was kind of tough to see it happen," Logan junior Aurora Waite said.

Her recovery outlook is better, but the costs keep piling up.       

"There was two surgeries.  Tons of different tests.  So it's a lot of money," Mahlum said.

"We all really want to help as much as possible and make her feel like she's welcome back at anytime," Logan sophomore Victoria Witcraft said.

The Logan volleyball team decided to help.  Every year the team raises money at their annual Battle for a Cause Game.  Where the proceeds would go this year was an easy choice.

"We know we always do a pink game for someone.  And I was really happy that it was for her because it was someone in our community that we knew," Adams said. 

"It touches you a little deeper than it usually would if it was someone you don't know," Waite said.

In Logan's regular season finale against Aquinas, they presented Mahlum with a check, for more than $2,000

"Not just one school, so many people came together, which meant we could raise more money for her.  Which means we could help her out more," Adams said.

"It was, I don't even know what to say.  Thank you.  You guys are the best," Mahlum said.

  Mahlum plans to return by the end of the school year, and knows she has a great team to help her beat cancer for good.

"We're always there and have her back.  And we are here to help her out with whatever she needs," Witcraft said.

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