Time at UW-L plays role in Brian Gutekunst's path to Green Bay

LA CROSSE, WI - Hall of fame football coach Roger Harring made a living evaluating talent during his time at UW-La Crosse. 

"I always felt he would move up where ever he went.  He's that type of personality," Roger Harring said. 

In the early 90's, a defensive back from Minneapolis caught his eye.

"His dad was a college coach at the University of Minnesota.  He had the idea of what to anticipate.  You could see as you talked to him he had a direction in his mind," Harring said.

His days as a player wouldn't last long with the Eagles.  Midway through his college career, he suffered a career ending shoulder injury.  It turned out to be a blessing in disguise.   
Gutekunst took a job on the Eagles coaching staff breaking down game film.

"He had that football sense.  He had that special gift at being able to look at players, can they be an nfl player or not.  He had that skill to take a look at athlete on film and make those decisions," UW-L Assistant Head Coach Mike Anderson said.

The skill came in handy, when a phone call came to Harring from the Green Bay Packers in 1997, looking for a scouting intern.

"Got very much involved in the breaking down film.  That led to the opportunities with the Packers to go with Ron Wolf.  You could see he was destined to do well in the NFL," Harring said.

Nearly 25 years after arriving at UW-L, Gutekunst is now in charge of reshaping Green Bay into Super Bowl contenders.  

"He has the drive and passion to do that job.  He's learned from some great people.  All those guys have helped Brian hone his skills.  Now it's his time to show his stuff," Anderson said.
"He gets along with people extremely well.  And he is a worker.  That's a pretty good combination to have no matter what you are," Harring said.

Reporting in La Crosse, Bryan McLoone, News 8 Sports.

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