The Long Shot

The Long Shot

WARRENS, WI - In the small town of Warrens, Wisconsin, Adam Kodra perfects his shot.

"Soon as my heart goes and it's ready for that next pump I crank it off," Adam Kodra said.

Since the time Adam picked up a gun, he aimed to be a marksmen. 

"That was all my dad.  He would take shot gun shells and sit them on end.  All day I would sit and shoot.  So that started the whole shooting thing, it was a challenge for me," Kodra said.

At 17, Adam joined the Army.  In March of 2009, while stationed in Afghanistan, Adam suffered a traumatic head injury when an enemy explosion hit his convoy.

"I lost hearing in this ear.  I have a dead spot in my brain. I go numb from my shoulder's down," Kodra said.

Daily tasks became a burden, unable get out of bed, shower, or even go back to school on his own.

"The PTSD stuff was pretty rampid by then.  Nightmares were terrible.  What's going to happen to me?" Kodra said.

"He was a good soldier who just needed someone to talk to," Veterans Outdoor World founder Lance Hoefs said.

Veterans Outdoor World, a support group that uses outdoors as therapy, reached out to Adam, offering to take him on a hunting trip.  It was during the hunt where Adam found a new passion with his long time interest.

"Once I was goal oriented in shooting, the PTSD issues subsided a little bit," Kodra said.

"That was it, that was the spark he needed to recover.  To see the change in life, nothing short of a miracle," Hoefs said.   

Adam began competing in shooting competitions around the country. But he to wanted to go further, as in set a world record for longest shot, enlisting the help of another veteran.

"Very nice, very friendly.  I've known a lot of soldiers.  I've seen a lot that have come back that are not in the same condition as they left," Local gunsmith Nathan Allen said.  

After discussions with the Guinness World Records, a target was set, hit a 49 inch circle, 4,752 yards away. The distance from the top of Granddads Bluff to Copeland Park.

"For me long range normally starts at a 1000 yards and continues out passed that.  Nobody shoots out past 4000," Allen said. 

"So I told him I want a .416 Barrett," Kodra said.

On June 5th, Adam set out for South Dakota, attempting the world record feat.

"I pulled the trigger.  It takes about 20 seconds for sound to come back. All of sudden I heard what sounded like a cookie sheet.  I looked at my wife, and I said I think I got it," Kodra said.

Adam hit the target not just once, but three times in a row.

"A lot people want to shoot extremely long range.  There aren't a lot of people who do it.  To know what he had to overcome is actually to me pretty astounding," Allen said. 

Now 30 years old and a father of 3, Adam is still waiting for Guinness to approve his world record shot. In the meantime, he plans to open up his own shooting range, to help disabled veterans, like himself, find a new way to recover. 

"Today is history, tomorrow's a new day.  You have no idea what tomorrow is going to bring.  So make a goal and shoot for it.  And think about that instead.  Think about that goal and how to achieve it," Kodra said.       

If you would like to help disabled veterans, you can find that information here

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