Onalaska's Glynn getting national attention in discus

Austin Glynn making national noise

ONALASKA, WI - Onalaska senior Austin Glynn knows a thing or two about throwing the discus.

"People are always saying, the longer leverage you have the longer you throw.  That has a little bit to do with it, but it's also a lot of form too," Austin Glynn said.

At 6-foot 8 inches tall, the University of Oregon commit now trains 3 hours a day, 5 days a week.  

"It's just kind of a stress reliever for me.  I just feel free out here and I really enjoy it," Glynn said. 

"I've never coached someone like Austin.  I have never seen a discus thrower in person this good.  So it's been a pleasure to have an athlete as good as him," Onalaska head throwing coach Adam Poellinger said.     

Glynn can throw a discus, which weighs about 3 and a half pounds, more than 200 feet making him one of the 10 best high school throwers in the country.  His personal best of 202 feet and five inches came in an out of state meet, but would have broken the Wisconsin record by 9 feet.

"I thought it was pretty cool.   I've been throwing kind of around there and finally hit that mark in a meet was pretty nice to see," Glynn said. 

"We were really excited for him.  He's worked hard, he's deserved it.  Looking forward to the rest of the year," Poellinger said.  

Glynn hopes to add another 30 feet on his throws this season,  and achieve the one thing that has eluded him in his high school career, a state title.  Finishing runner up 2 years ago, Glynn fouled on all his attempts at last year's state meet.

"It's one of my goals.  This year just focusing on staying in the ring and getting my form better," Glynn said.   


Reporting from Onalaska.  Bryan McLoone...8 Sports.

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