Loggers ready for Northwoods League season

Loggers kick off 15th season at home...

The Northwoods League baseball season is fast approaching.  And this is a special season for the La Crosse Loggers.

This summer will be the 15th year for the Loggers franchise.  The team's first workout will be on Sunday, ahead of Tuesday's season opener at home against. Duluth.

Brian Lewis returns as manager for a second season, leading the Loggers to a 38-33 record a year ago. Lewis says he felt the team's preparation level was pretty good in year 1, but it can be better this summer.

"Really having the guys focused and prepared on a daily basis  Being around the league for a handful of  years, you get an idea of how to operate.  But then once you are in charge, it's a whole new element.  There was a learning curve along the way, which is great.  I think we will be more prepared, and the team will be more prepared because of that," Brian Lews said.   

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