Local BMX rider heads to World Championships

It's all about the thrill of the ride.

"Going over the bumps and everything," Grant Gerke said.

Meet Grant Gerke or cup cake as they call him.  The Coulee Region's Elite BMX racer

"There's just different things you can do on the track it's not the same old thing every time," Gerke said."

At 13 years old the La Crosse native qualified for the 2017 BMX World Championships in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

"You can tell when someone has a passion for something," Jami Gerke said.

However Grant's journey has had some bumps of its own.  Last year the only BMX track within the La Crosse area had to shut down.

"Because we did lose our track we did see a decline in some of our local riders," Jami Gerke said.

"The word's not getting out there.  It's hard because in California, they always have fast kids because they live around them and there are not a lot of kids in La Crosse that race BMX," Grant Gerke said.

Grant and his family have taken it upon themselves to build their very own track in their back yard.

"It's all on him.  I have never had to ask that kid to race," Jami Gerke said.

"I just kind of wanted a track to build and work on myself," Grant Gerke said.

Grant is ranked 42nd of around 200 kids in the nation showing the results of strong dedication.

"There is a lot of time that goes into it and everything," Grant Gerke said.

Traveling up to 18 hours for events that can cost thousands of dollars, Grant said his parents have been extremely supportive.

"They have really helped me to grow," Grant Gerke said.

"I always tell my kids it's not winning or losing, it's winning or learning.  And this is not the end result.  There's always going to be more obviously," Jami Gerke said.

Grant is one of only 32 riders on team USA for his age group. The BMX world championships will kick off on July 25 and continue through the 30th. 



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