Brotherly love pushes Davis & King brothers

Brotherly Love

LA CROSSE, WI - If you want to be great, you need someone to push you.

"On the court, when we play one on one, we go hard head to head," Jordan Davis said.

Why not it be your own family.

"Off the court, he's probably my best friend, being around him all the time as a kid," Johnny Davis said.

Central sophomore's Johnny and Jordan Davis have what you call brotherly love. 

"We are laughing, joking, smiling having a good time.  Being on the court with him is a good feeling," Johnny Davis said.

Including hours going at each other.

"We have a court in our backyard.  When we were younger we would go at it all the time.  There would bruises, blood, all that stuff," Johnny Davis said.

The sibling rivalry helping both boys polish their games.  Jordan gets you with that jumper.  Johnny punishes inside.

"On the court we are teammates and teammates have to share the ball. I know where he is going to be sometimes," Jordan Davis said.

The battle between the brothers has helped both take off.  Johnny averaging 23 points a game this season, Jordan also chips in double digit points.  Both are Division 1 prospects.

"I feel like we do a lot better.  Of course we are twins.  We have been playing with each other the longest time and our chemistry is really well," Johnny Davis said. 

Across the state line, there is another set of siblings who push each other on the court.

"Just being able to play with your brothers is something neat and we are a little bit closer and that makes it more fun," Noah King said.

When you watch sophomore Noah King shoot, you don't have to look far to find out how he got so good.

"I guess I just followed Owen for basically my life surrounding basketball.   Whenever he is at a gym, I am usually," Noah King said.

And when 8th grader Eli dishes to a teammate, he learned that from the older King as well.
"It's nice to have someone to go to, ask questions," Eli King said.

Owen King has been the serving court since joining the Caledonia varsity team, 2,000 points and counting.  But his biggest influence has been on his two brothers.

"We get along most of the time.  Play together well of course," Owen King said.

A 4 year gap in age, Owen, Noah, and Eli all have their roles on the court.

"I get people involved a lot.  Noah is probably the best scorer of the 3.  And Eli is probably the most athletic," Owen King said.

And according to the brothers, the 8th grader might be the best.

"Passing, scoring, defending, you have to be good at all of them to be a great player.  Just watching them do certain stuff.  I can try to simulate that," Eli King said.

With the eldest King heading to South Dakota State next season, the younger brothers plan to keep hitting the gym with him while they still can.

"Since we are on the same team, it's another 3 hours every day we are around each other," Noah King said. 

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