Blugolds' record won't define upcoming season

Blugolds' record won't define...

LA CROSSE, WI - It's not about wins or losses for the Aquinas football team, it's about getting better everyday.

The Blugolds are coming off a tough season in 2016, only winning 1 game.  But the expectation is to be competitive this fall. 

Aquinas is young, with only 5 seniors on the roster.  The team will rely heavily on a junior and sophomore class who got varsity level experience last season.

And where the Blugolds lacks in size, they plan to make up for it with speed.

The team says everyone worked hard this offseason to improve. 

"You can't always control the scoreboard.  But you can also control giving your best effort.  And we focused on that when we were winning a lot and we focus on that when things get hard because that's the stuff you can control," Head coach Tom Lee said.

"The secret is there our no secrets.  You just have to keep putting in work and it will show up if you just believe in what we have and that's what we are going to try this season," Junior Jacob Savoldelli said.   

"Put aside last year.  We have this season to look forward to.  And use what we learned from last year and all the failures unfortunately that we had and use them as successes this year," Senior Conley Malone said.     

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