Badgers basketball prepares for international tour

MADISON - The Wisconsin Badgers men's basketball team is heading to New Zealand and Australia on a five-game international tour starting Saturday.

NCAA rules allow college teams to go on an international trip once every four years.

The Badgers last trip was in 2013 when they traveled to Canada.

The team leaves Saturday and won't return until August 24th.

Trips like these can go a long way to creating long-lasting bonds for a team.

"With a young team like ours, I think it's huge to get a trip," said redshirt sophomore guard Brevin Pritzl.

"You get to go to a different country. You get to spend more time together than you may have here. And you get to learn about what each other does. It gives us a couple extra practices now to kind of feel out roles for each other. And then it'll just kind of be a continual fitting into roles. filling your role, and finding it."

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