Sports Spotlight 5-24: Whitehall Softball

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)–On to our Sports Spotlight Segment, honoring the seniors who missed out on their last year of competition.

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With all that in mind, today’s nomination comes from Whitehall.

And it’s the Seven Seniors who made Whitehall softball so special.

Ellie Matejka, Isabel Sartor, Morgan Lauterbach, Victoria Frye, Halaynna Macharia, Bailey Kjos and Hayley Haas all were leaders for the Norse, and they had to be.

When they were juniors, there were no seniors on the team, forcing them to lead the squad into the playoffs.

They were able to win a regional playoff game, before falling to the top ranked team last year.

Coach Lyga wishes they’d get one more crack at it, and is confident this team would have gone out with a bang.

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