Special parking lot concert entertains in Onalaska

Concert held at Havenwood of Onalaska

Residents at a senior living community in Onalaska got a front row seat for a special show Wednesday afternoon.

Local musician Joe Cody put a show on for residents of Havenwood of Onalaska.

While Cody played in the parking lot, residents could take in the performance from the windows and balconies.

As residents are restricted from visitors, the experience is good for all involved.

“We had some residents sitting on the balconies and I went ‘I need to have something in this parking lot for them, because they just need something different. Something to look forward to,” said Havenwood of Onalaska’s Kathleen Manning.

The facility is also delivering books, puzzles and crafts to the rooms so the residents have something to do while socially distancing.