Special housing for recovering raptors to be built

Coulee Region Humane Society Animal Control Dept. raises $6,000 for project

Specialized housing for recovering hawks, falcons, and eagles is coming to the La Crosse area.

The Coulee Region Humane Society’s Animal Control department will build three new structures, called raptor mews.

The department raised $6,000 through a ‘GoFundMe’ campaign for the project.

Animal Control takes in more than 1,000 wild animals every year.  Raptors are the most common.

The new mews will allow the department to house more raptors and keep the animals in their original habitats.

“We always want to release them back to where they come from so this will allow us to keep them in the area.  Not stress them out by transferring them, go pick them back up and bring them to the area. It won’t overwhelm other rehabilitators,” said Animal Control supervisor Kathy Kasakaitas.

The department hopes to start building the mews this fall.