Sparta sixth graders design new toys

Teachers say the Toy Company simulation helps with teamwork

Sixth graders at Meadowview Middle School showcased their creative side with new toy designs on Wednesday.

For the past few weeks, the kids have been learning the history behind their favorite toys.  Next, they were put into groups to combine their toys to create something brand new. 

The teachers at Meadowview have done this project for many years because they say it has been very successful. They use this activity to teach a lot more than being creative.

“We’re focusing a lot on the writing, a lot on working together, collaborating,” said Sparta 6th grade teacher, Dana Hoff. “They write a paper about it, highlight their three selling points, and they also incorporate technology when they create a commercial.”

Some of the toy inventors said they couldn’t wait to be in sixth grade because of this Toy Company simulation. Wednesday’s showcase was open to the elementary school and people in the community.