Sparta High School unveils school credit union

Sparta High School partners with 1st Community Credit Union

Sparta High School students will have the opportunity to learn about finance through a credit union located in their school.

Students are able to access the services of 1st Community Credit Union during their lunch hour at the Sparta High School branch that opened Thursday.

“We are proud of this new partnership as it will give our students another avenue to prepare them for sound financial literacy for the present and future. The educational component will prepare our students for college, career, and the community,” Principal Sam Russ said.

Sparta student tellers Kirstie Kasten and Kylie Anderson will be working alongside the branch coordinator, Chip Manske.

 The school branch will provide opportunities for students to learn about and practice personal finance while helping to prepare them for college, career and the community. Manske will provide transactional coaching at the teller window and will be assisting with the Brown Bag Lunch seminars that will focus on money management topics such as responsible spending habits, how to balance a checkbook, and using credit wisely.

“1 st  Community Credit Union is excited to continue our long term commitment to the Sparta Area School District, and this partnership is another opportunity for students to practice transactional business as well as prepare them for real life experiences,” said Sandy Anderson, 1 st  Community Credit Union Human Resources Director.

“Additionally, offering monthly courses relating to personal finance will give them the tools and resources to make healthy financial decision that will positively impact their future,” Anderson said.