Sparta High School honored on Earth Day

Sparta high school students are being recognized nationally for their work in cleaning up the planet. The founders of Polar Bear International made a trip to the high school Monday.

They are the world’s leading polar bear conservation group, and a leader in climate change.  They say the students in Sparta have done a great job of creating a vision for a cleaner planet… and then motivating the community to follow.  One example, working with Century Foods to help recycle as much as possible.  “They took it out on their own to start changing to make sure that the town and it’s future generations have clean air and clean water,” says Polar Bear International Founder Robert Buchanan, “what a wonderful gift.”  “It means the world to have someone from such a large organization come down and speak to us about what we’re doing and to be proud of it, it’s an awesome thing,” says Sparta H.S. junior Makenzie Schure.

Polar Bear international also gave an award to Century Foods.  They say the company has 600 employees but an almost zero percent carbon foot print.  Sparta High School also collects recyclables from Century Foods, the money earned goes towards helping save polar bears.