Sparta family receives extra special delivery during arctic blast

As temperatures dipped to 28 degrees below zero in Sparta last night, one family was hoping a special delivery could wait until the weekend. But this time, things didn’t go quite as planned.

Over the past couple of years, Katyra Von Ruden has welcomed lots of new faces to the farm.

“The three hair sheep are Connie, Bonnie and Lonnie,” said Von Ruden.

When Von Ruden bought the goat named Tequila last fall, she knew what would happen.

“I knew she was due in February some time, or so I thought,” Von Ruden said.

Katyra started to worry a few days ago, when Tequila’s body began to change and she began pawing at the ground.

“I was worried it was going to happen when it was freezing cold outside. So, I posted on Facebook, ‘Everybody please pray that she can hold the baby in,'” Von Ruden said.

She was making her rounds in the barn last night when it happened.

“There it was!” Von Ruden said.

She was happy and shocked to find a little kid in the corner.

“The first thing I did was make sure it was OK. [I] felt it. It was cold so I wrapped it up and put it in front of the wood stove,” Von Ruden said.

She and her boyfriend Justin are taking extra precautions to get the beloved animals through the cold blast.

“I know it’s a struggle to keep your animals warm right now but make sure they have food and water and can get out of the wind,” Von Ruden said.

The smallest members of the flock are bundled up inside, since wind chills are at 50 degrees below zero. Some of the family members, who are just a few months old, have been moved to the garage. But the baby is brought inside for about an hour before being returned to the barn to spend time with her mother.

“I make sure she nurses and then she gets to go back in the house and be warm,” Von Ruden said.

The little gal has yet to be named. Some people have suggested on Facebook that she be named Elsa, inspired by the Disney movie “Frozen.”

The family is going to expand again soon. One of the other goats and three sheep on the farm are pregnant. Luckily for Von Ruden, the babies are due to arrive at the end of April and sometime in May.

Von Ruden posts regular updates on the goats on her Facebook page, Kat’s Cud Chewers’ Haven.

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