Sparta Cinema Six airs ‘The Interview’ despite possible threats

One movie-goer had his interest sparked because of the controversy

Dozens of theaters across the nation braved possible terror threats to show a controversial movie, including Sparta Cinema Six.

The Hollywood film called ‘The Interview’ follows two journalists sent to assassinate North Korea’s Leader Kim Jong Un.

The movie came under heat after terror threats were issued from hacker groups. It was originally canceled after several major theater chains opted not to show it. But Sony gave the go ahead to any theater willing to show it and streamed it online starting Thursday.

It made about $1 million at the box office and could potentially make a lot more when streaming numbers are released.

One movie-goer had his interest sparked more in the movie as a result of the controversy but wanted to see the movie anyway because of the actors.

“I just wanted to see another one by, because they’re hilarious and fun to watch // it does calm me down a little bit after the first night that it’s okay and everything, but I feel like it shouldn’t be too big of a deal, you know?” said movie-goer Hayden Peterson.

The company that owns Sparta Cinema owns four others in Wisconsin. All of them are showing the movie.