Sparta area dad gets a security alert, but who is “breaking-in” leads to surprise!

11-year-old girl is sneaking out to the family's barn at night

When the news can seem so negative even overwhelming, sometimes we need something or someone to remind us of the simpler things that used to keep us up at night.

A pandemic, the economy and politics have all carried over from 2020 and have a lot of us losing sleep.

On the Craig farm, just outside of Sparta the day to day anxiety is just as high.

“That’s when at 1:30 in the morning like I said I didn’t know what was going on!” says owner Brock Craig who got a security alert on his phone. It indicated someone had broken into the barn.

And with a new addition to the family expected any day, it’s even got his 11-year-old daughter Payten pacing the floor, “She’s extremely overdue and I’ve been keeping an eye on her,” says Payten.

In fact, Payten has been so concerned she hasn’t been able to sleep at night.

“I looked at my alert on my phone and got the picture of the video and it was Payten coming in here checking on her sheep!”

Payten was losing sleep and literally counting sheep.

Isabelle is the one causing all the tossing and turning.

A 4-year-old Suffolk-Hampshire cross, Payten’s award winning sheep who is way overdue.

” She’s been showing signs of labor so I’ve been coming out here and checking on her to see if she needs me to help her pull,” says Payten.

A labor of love that spills over even in the middle of the night.

Payten’s patience paid off and Isabelle had her lamb, letting everyone sleep at night.

And maybe what happened here at the Craig farm is a sign of things to come,  that we all may be sleeping a little easier soon.

Even though 2021 came in like a lion, maybe It will go out like a lamb.