South side residents fearful after latest shooting

Fatal shooting takes place blocks from Red Balloon child center

Residents in the area of Friday morning’s shooting on La Crosse’s south side say they no longer feel safe.

Police say 18-year-old Deshawn Randall of La Crosse shot and killed another person on the 1300 block of Redfield Street. It was the sixth shooting in the south side of La Crosse in less than a week. Police are looking into the possibility that Friday’s shooting is linked to the others from last weekend.

People living in the neighborhood say the past week has them thinking twice about living there.

“I’m very concerned for my safety and I want to move, because I don’t feel safe,” said resident Tammy Carrier. “The cops are here on a daily basis. I live in a secure building but I still don’t feel safe.”

The shooting happened just blocks away from the Red Balloon Early Learning Center. About 85 kids were at the center Friday morning, with some of them playing outside at the time of the shooting.

Red Balloon’s Executive Director, Jennie Buchholtz, also lives in the neighborhood.

“(It’s) not anything we’ve ever dealt with before, so it’s all very new,” said Buchholtz. “(It was) kind of eye-opening today. It was a rough day for a lot of us.”

Randall was arrested late Friday night after a four-hour standoff.