South Avenue Steering Committee recommends 4 roundabouts on South Ave.

Concerns raised over speeding between roundabouts

The number of proposed roundabouts for the renovation of a busy La Crosse road has increased from three to four.

The South Avenue Steering Committee met this morning to move the 2-years of discussions forward for renovations to La Crosse’s South Avenue.

Previously, Wisconsin’s Department of Transportation recommended a plan involving the construction of three roundabouts. Concerns about excessive speeds between the roundabouts caused the committee to consider implementing a fourth.

“Lowering the speed limit could help, but you still have this long corridor, especially if we don’t narrow the lanes, speed is going to climb from one point to the next,” said South Avenue Steering Committee Vice Chair Phil Ostrem.

The South Avenue Steering Committee will next write a letter for the DOT, including preferences for speed limit changes, lane widths, and the number of roundabouts.