Some items stolen from deputy’s home in Onalaska recovered

Deputy's handguns, Taser still missing

The La Crosse Co. Sheriff’s department may have a lead on missing guns and equipment stolen from a deputy’s home last winter, and they are asking for your help.

Hikers found a duffel bag with some of the stolen equipment in Hixon Park this week.

Several items were stolen from the deputy’s home in the Town of Onalaska in December. Other items were found just after the robbery.

Two handguns, a yellow Taser, a radio, and a foldable baton and the deputy’s badge are all still missing.

Investigators believes local residents could be the key to finding the thieves. “The other items were found at exits between Onalaska and French Island so this is some ways away but still in the La Crosse area, which kind of leads us to believe that whoever stole it is at least if not from this area, familiar with the La Crosse, and La Crosse surrounding area,” said Capt. Kurt Papenfuss.


If you’ve seen anyone with the duffel bag or heard anyone talking about stealing the equipment, you are urged to contact authorities.

You can call the sheriff’s department directly at 608-785-5962 or call Crimestoppers at 784-TIPS.