Some COVID-19 tests may come back as false-negative

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Being fairly new, COVID-19 testing has some downfalls.

The tests are only about 90% accurate, and sometimes they come back as false-negative.

An article published by Mayo Clinic Health System addresses the impact these false results can have.

It says it is important that health care providers and public health officials don’t over-rely on COVID-19 tests to make decisions.

And health experts are reminding the public that even if a test comes back negative, it’s still important to continue following CDC guidelines.

“We do not want to alarm people about the diagnostic tests, but it’s important for people to recognize that the tests are a tool, not a definitive answer,” said Colin West, General Internist Biostatistician, Mayo Clinic Health System, Rochester.

The study also states that health officials should prepare for a second wave of infection from people with false-negative test results.