‘Soak It Up’ teaches home, business owners to protect against water

Project offers demonstration, shows how storm water can impact water supply

An educational demonstration designed to help out home and business owners was put on at La Crosse’s Habitat for Humanity Restore.

The ‘Soak It Up’ presentation taught local owners how they can better protect their buildings from storm water damage.

The project included biofilters, plants, regrading to improve water flow and retention, rain barrels and drainage areas. The demonstration also explained why it’s important to keep some storm water runoff out of the water supply.

“When water runs of from our properties it is carrying with it particulates and pollution, so the best way to deal with that is to bring it back into the ground where it can be filtered before it goes into our water supply,” said La Crosse Habitat for Humanity Restore Manager Steve Baker.

Saturday’s event also took a look at potential supplies that are sent to local landfills by hosting an art challenge and getting artists to repurpose old materials.