Snowmobile trails in La Crosse Co. expected to open soon

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Many snow mobile enthusiasts in our area are ready to get out and ride some trails, and favorable weather could mean they’ll be opening soon.

At least 6 inches of snow and temperatures below freezing are needed before any trails can be used.

La Crosse County alone has more than 150 miles of trails maintained by snowmobile clubs. Once those clubs say the trails are ready, snowmobilers can go out and ride them.

“There’s six clubs in the county that work on all of the trails, build and maintain them, sign them, and get permission from all of the land owners,” said Steve Falkenberg, President of the La Crosse Co. Snowmobile Alliance. “When we do start getting enough snow, I contact somebody from each club.”

Falkenberg says trails could open as early as next week.

In order to use the trails you must have a Wisconsin trail pass and up to date registration.