Snowflake Ski Jump tournament held in Westby brings skiers from all over the world

Skier’s from all over the world competed the local area as Westby hosted it’s annual Snowflake Ski Jump tournament which began Friday and finished Saturday.

Local skier Augie Schini also competed in the tournament.

Skiers said this is a large event that brings people from many different countries.

“This is a pretty big competition, its the last event in the five hills, and we got a bunch of competitors. You got Finland, Norway, Slovenia and then you got a bunch of skiers from out east towards Lake Placid, New York and out west in Park City, Utah,” said Augie Schini.

The nearly 500 foot jump from top to bottom is one of the largest on the tour. When skiers approach the jump, they are going roughly 50 miles an hour.

This was the 95th year the ski jump held the competition. For more information go to