Snow removal policy approved for this year’s winter season

Residents have 24 hours after a snowfall to clear their sidewalks

The city of La Crosse wants you to be aware of their snow removal policy before the first big snowfall hits.

The Board of Public Works approved its enforcement plan Monday.

City residents will have 24 hours after a snowfall to clear their sidewalks.

If you don’t shovel the snow city contractors will do the work for you, but it will cost you $1.85 per linear foot plus a $50 administrative fee.

That’s less than the $2.50 per foot the city billed residents last year.

City officials say it’s important to keep those walkways clear because many people depend on them to get around.

“Clearing your sidewalk is a neighborly thing to do. We’re out there trying to keep sidewalks clear for people to use. It’s your neighbors that need them and you’re clearing it not necessarily for yourself but for your neighbors,” says Assistant City Engineer Bernard Lenz.

The city had to clear sidewalks and charge residents for the work 182 times last year.