Small town provides background for new film

Montfort hosts crew of 'Halfway' movie

One small southwest Wisconsin town in our area may soon be breaking into the movie business. 

The town of Montfort is playing home to the independent film called “Halfway,” a movie about a young man who is sent to work on his stepbrother’s family farm in Wisconsin following a stint in prison. The star role is played by Quinton Aaron, who last appeared in 2012’s “The Blind Side.” 

“It’s a story that has a lot of heart, it’s a real drama,” Aaron said.

During the past several weeks the film crew has been in Wisconsin, Montfort residents have stepped up to help out both behind and in front of the camera.

“They’ve been opening their homes and their businesses to us, [and they’ve been] team players and super cool about everything,” Aaron said.

“It’s a pretty big deal coming to Montfort,” said Ryan Lepeska, a Montfort resident and associate producer for the film. “It’s not every day you see a movie filming in a small town of 700 people.”

Producers say they’re hoping “Halfway” will make it to the big screen by 2016. Filming is expected to wrap up in Montfort next week.

Aaron says after weeks of learning more about Montfort and its residents, he plans to return to the small town

“It’s that place in the middle of the country that I can call my new home,” he says.