Slow night for local pub during Packer game

Glory Days estimated around 150 people during last year's game

While excitement for the Packers, Vikings finale was certain, there wasn’t a lot of people to show for it in downtown La Crosse.

Local Packers pub, Glory Days, only had a few fans ready for the game an hour before it started.  The bar says it hosted roughly 150 people during last year’s rivalry game.

One bartender says the shift to a late night game is most likely the reason for the slow night.

“It’s really going to hurt the businesses, the bars downtown.  I think we all planned a big crowd and we got extra beer and we made sure we had extra staff on and I think it’s going to make a big difference, the late game,” said Glory Days bartender Beth Peth.

“I was here last year and it was packed.  We got here about an hour early last year and we ended up in the back, kind of standing.  This year we came early thinking we would have to fight for a spot and there’s no on here this year,” said Packer fan Kristine Ostertag.

By halftime, around 15 people were at Glory Days for the game.