Sisterly love gone viral; Holmen natives become internet sensation

(WKBT)- Almost all of us have witnessed the ugly side of social media, the negativity and the downright hate. But if you look hard enough, it does have its bright spots.

Two sisters and La Crosse area natives have gone viral on the app TikTok.

And the reason why is a simple show of sisterly love that people can’t seem to get enough of.

If each stroke of a hair brush brought smiles to faces, the world would be rich with happiness.

Worthy Rigelsky and her sister Kalista Hesch are on their way to making that a reality. “Do you love me? asks Kalista of Worthy. ‘Yeah. And mom,'” said Worthy.

Kalista said, “Me and Worthy just weren’t doing anything so I was like alright, let’s make a TikTok video. Worthy went behind my and she wasn’t even brushing my hair, but she was adjusting my shirt, adjusting my necklace because it was off center and fixed a piece of my hair that wasn’t parted correctly.”

That was back in October. Kalista woke up to find their first TikTok together had more than one million views overnight.

“Everyone in the comments was freaking out about how she’s a little perfectionist and like how has to make every detail look perfect.”

Kalista was shocked at the response and started making more videos. This time with Worthy doing what she loves.

“She’s saying she brushes Kalista’s hair, that’s her sign language for me. Because I wear make-up, you do a K for Kalista like a make-up brush,” Kalista said as she translated Worthy’s sign language.

People can not get enough of these two. The sisters just surpassed one million followers on their account.

“A lot people are just obsessed with Worthy. My family and I joke around, it doesn’t matter if I put on a full face of make-up or I just look like I rolled out of bed.”

But you also can’t brush over the fact that Worthy may not have even had a chance at life it wasn’t for the Riglesky’s. She was adopted from China about 6 years ago.

“I just look at her and think her parents, before my parents adopted her, like they left her on hospital steps and like who knows. I just feel so blessed that she gets to be ours because I just feel like she fits so perfect in our family and we definitely need her.”

It hard not to smile seeing these two make videos together.

“Based off the comments, people are just craving to see love, craving to see people getting along.”

“I think there’s just a lot of negativity in this world and I hope that our page can always be a place where people just feel like they’re safe and comfortable and there’s just lots of positive vibes there because there’s too much negativity today,” said Kalista.

‘In a world filled with a lot of darkness, these shining stars hope to be the light.

The sisters have been receiving tons of hair care products, hair straighteners and blow dryers are showing up on their doorstep from well-known companies.

They’ve recently appeared on some major TV programs including People TV and Access Hollywood, and been featured on many popular websites as well.

They now live in Texas.

If you would like to follow them on TikTok, just search for Worthy and Kal.