Shoppers take to the mall after Christmas

Day after Christmas one of the largest shopping days of the year

Believe it or not, Saturday is one of the largest shopping days of the year.

Following Christmas, many people are looking to return certain gifts or spend those gift cards and holiday cash. The surge of shoppers was especially seen at Valley View Mall.

“Today we had to come and return things. One thing, you know, they sent it to us and it was too small, so we had to bring it back, and another thing they sent and it had the plastic thing so we had to take it there and get that thing taken off,” said shopper Owyn Hale.

The shopping day was more than just a day of returns though. Many shoppers were looking to spend those gift cards and holiday cash they gained over the last couple of days.

“Today is fun because you’ve got new items in the stores that have been replenished, you’ve got other great deals happening trying to get rid of those winter items so that spring items can come in, so it’s really a great opportunity for the shoppers to be out here today,” said Valley View Mall Marketing Director Laurie Café.

Cafe also says that the number of sales have been down a little bit this year, but the sales have also been a little more expensive as well.