Shooter sentenced to life in prison with possibility of release for murder of Anthony Fimple

Timothy Young shot the 19-year-old outside a La Crosse bar in June

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)- The Spring Grove Man, who shot and killed a 19-year old will spend at least 35 years in prison.  Timothy Young killed old Anthony Fimple last summer outside a downtown La Crosse bar.

 Fimple’s family wanted Young, who pleaded guilty to first-degree intentional homicide in March, to serve the rest of his life behind bars. Judge Elliott Levine told them no sentence long enough for them to heal.

On the day set to determine Young’s fate, few in courtroom said his name Friday.

“This evil man will be forgotten. His name will not enter my house. His presence and outcome will no longer be a part of my world,” said Kristin Fimple.

Those testifying used their timbefore the judge to talk about the life Young stole from them. “Anthony Gustav Fimple is my son. I love him. I’m proud of him. Today I speak for him,” Gus Fimple said.

Anthony Fimple was well known and loved. He volunteered for WisCorps, was a regular blood donor, and had enlisted in the Navy. good kid his dad described as “the best of us.”

 “My son was taken from me on my birthday. We will celebrate him on that day from now on. We are going to do things in his name, things people are going to remember,” Gus said.

While Fimple’s family pleaded with Levine to keep Fimple’s killer behind bars for the rest of his life, Young stared straight ahead, speaking only to ask the judge for a second chance.I cannot the change past, but if I could I would do so in an instant,” Young said.

The judge will not hear from Young again for at least 35 years, when he can ask for, but is not guaranteed, release. A sentence Levine acknowledged is not nearly long enough for the Fimple family.

“There is absolutely nothing that I will do that will heal people,” Levine said. But Levine hopes will give the Fimple’s time to forget the man who stole Fimple’s life — not his legacy.

“From all of us in La Crosse, we can tell you we are so deeply sorry for what has happened. We hope that someday you all gather around that willow tree and celebrate, celebrate Anthony’s life,” Levine said.

The willow tree Levine mentioned was planted at Myrick Park in Anthony Fimple’s memory. After the sentencing, the Fimple family held a private ceremony where the tree is starting to bloom.