Sheriff’s office warns of possible scams during tax season

Cell phone credit, infected computers among possible scams

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents about several possible scams during tax season.

Authorities say scammers know people are getting their income tax refunds back and they tend to contact people more during this time of year.

In one case, people have been calling and identifying themselves as computer experts. They’ll tell the resident their computer is infected and they want to help. The Sheriff’s Office says their goal is to get you to let them remote log into your computer to get personal information and install malicious software.

In another case, authorities have received complaints that someone has called them on their cell phone and says you have a $44 credit and to log on to a specific website to get the credit. The Sheriff’s Office says the phone number that comes up is your cell phone provider and is usually a voice message playing when they call. If you think you’ve received a possible scam phone call, contact your cell phone provider to let them know.

Some residents have also receive an increase in mail and Internet emails that claim you have won money and you need to pay a percentage to claim your winnings first. The Sheriff’s Office says these are generally scams, especially if they want you to wire (send) them money to a Western Union address.

If you have received calls like this, you can report them to and the FCC (for phone and Internet crimes) and the US Postal Service (if it’s a mail scam.) If you have any questions about these kinds of issues, contact the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office at (608) 269-2117.