Sheriff: Armed robbery in Jackson County did not happen

Woman admits to investigators stabbing was self-inflicted

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office arrested a 22-year-old woman for falsely reporting an armed robbery.

Sheriff Duane Waldera said Lenora Cribben (AKA Lenora Podwys) called 911 to report she had been stabbed by a man who later tried to steal the PlayStation before leaving the residence in the Parkland Village in the Town of Brockway on April 8.

Cribben had told authorities that a man entered the residence through an unlocked front door and she approached him, telling him to leave.  When said when she attempted to push the suspect out the door, he took a knife out from his sweatshirt and stabbed her in the abdomen area. Authorities said Cribben had been treated at a trauma center in Eau Claire for non-life threatening injuries.

Sheriff Waldera announced Friday the home invasion and armed robbery incident did not happen. During the investigation, there were several inconsistencies and facts that did not line up. On Thursday night, Cribben admitted to investigators that the stabbing was self-inflicted.

“The victim falsely reported the information to law enforcement and continued to mislead our detectives throughout the investigation. A lot of resources were used to investigate this incident,” Sheriff Waldera stated in a news release.

Cribben was arrested for obstructing and interference with an official law enforcement investigation. She was booked into the Jackson County Jail and released on a signature bond.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office considers this case closed, but “our citizens should be aware that home invasions, burglaries and thefts to occur. Please make sure that you lock your doors when your residence is not occupied and at night when you are there.”