Shelter in Place advisory means air quality concerns

A Shelter in Place advisory was issued in the Town of Campbell early Tuesday morning because the air quality had the potential to create breathing problems for some people.

A large overnight fire at Omaha Track on Brainbridge Street caused the advisory.

Dr. Todd Mahr, an allergist and immunologist at Gundersen Health System, said you should make sure your kids don’t go outside during Shelter in Place orders because their lungs can’t process smoke as well as adults. Thick smoke and other particles in the air can also make it hard for people with asthma or other respiratory problems to breathe.

Even if you don’t have a history of breathing problems doctors say you should still pay attention to the warnings.

“You want to be careful, you want to listen to what the alert is. And, you know, not say, ‘Okay, no big deal for me, I can handle it.’ Well, no. I mean the alert is there for a reason,” Mahr said.

If you want to monitor the air quality where you live, you can download the “State of the Air” app for your phone, which is provided by the American Lung Association.