Sewer rates may increase

Increased charge will be used for waste water treatment plant improvements

The amount residents in La Crosse pay for city sewer services could be going up.

Every five years the city is required to do a full review of its sewer rates.

A consultant hired by the city’s utility department has recommended an increase of almost 10-percent.

The rate increase will go towards future capital improvements at the waste water treatment plant. However the consultant says La Crosse’s sewer rates will continue to be one of the lowest in the state because of the way the department has handled its finances.

“La Crosse has done very very well in terms of how they pay for things. They are unique in that in the moment they are totally debt free. They have financed millions of dollars in improvements and they have done this all through cash generated user charges,” said consultant John Mayer of John Mayer and Associates.

The increase could go in effect by the first of the year.