Severe weather causes power outages, downed trees

Xcel Energy: more than 7,000 customers without power at midnight

Severe weather hit the La Crosse area Saturday night, leaving thousands without power and some with serious storm damage.

Trees and brush were down throughout the city, some bringing power lines with them. On the city’s north side off Gould Street, one neighbor said a tree took down a powewr line and caught the roof of a house on fire. Other neighborhoods in the city have been taped off, as police and fire crews work to bring power back.

Around midnight, Xcel Energy confirmed more than 7,000 power outages in the area.

City street lights were out throughout La Crosse, including most of West Avenue and all down Jackson Street to La Crosse Street. Sign lights were out at the site of a two-car crash at the intersection of West Avenue and La Crosse Street. Police at the scene had no comment.