Sensory Santa makes holiday events easier for sensitive kids

Event created for families with special needs children with sensory disorders

A holiday event at Valley View Mall Wednesday is making the festivities easier for children of all abilities.

The ‘Sensory Santa’ event began before the mall opened Wednesday morning, offering holiday cheer without the crowds, lines and noise. A Santa sensitive to the needs of the children and wheelchair access were also made available.

The ‘Sensory Santa’ event was created for families with special needs children with sensory disorders. Event organizers say parents have been really appreciative of everything the event offers.

“They normally wouldn’t come to see Santa just because they know what they’re going to be dealing with when they’re waiting in line, or just to get here. Imagine getting here this morning, now it’s cold out, now we have to put hats and mittens and coats on. That added a whole ‘nother element to it, so just that fact that we can offer this quiet and calm environment for the families, it’s just really nice,” said Valley View Mall marketing Director Laurie Cafe.

This was the ‘Sensory Santa’ event’s first year in our area.