Senator Johnson hosts Town Hall in Onalaska

Talks about Wisconsin jobs and government regulations

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson hosted a town hall in Onalaska Tuesday morning.

Senator Johnson and a senator from Georgia talked about removing government barriers to creating more jobs in Wisconsin. The senators toured LB White Company in Onalaska, noting the impact the company has in creating jobs locally and exporting and selling goods across the world.

Senator Johnson talked about making other companies as successful and impactful as LB White by removing unnecessary oversight.

“Get government out of the way, reduce that regulatory burden, have a competitive tax system, and let’s use our energy resources so we can compete globally because I’ve got a lot of faith in Wisconsin workers. Given the chance, given good government policies, we can compete with anybody in the world and certainly this company right here, LB White, proves that,” said Senator Johnson

Senator Johnson also talked about the need for students to look at all of their options as they graduate high school, including alternatives to college like manufacturing.