Senate committee investigates FBI’s knowledge of problems at Tomah VA

A senate committee is looking into allegations the FBI knew that Tomah VA patients were selling prescription drugs before a Marine died at the facility.

The allegations were brought to light by Heather Simcakoski, wife of Jason Simcakoski, a Marine who died from a mixed drug toxicity at the Tomah VA.

The VA is under scrutiny after several investigations found it was treating patients by over-prescribing them opiates.

Heather Simcakoski says her husband contacted the FBI months before he died about Tomah VA patients selling prescription drugs.

Simcakoski recently provided the committee, headed by U.S. Senator Ron Johnson from Wisconsin, with cell phone records showing the communication Jason had with the FBI.

Senator Johnson released a statement saying:

“Jason Simcakoski contacted the FBI about the Tomah Veterans Affairs Medical Center months before he tragically died of a drug overdose at the facility. The Simcakoski family, in an effort to gain more answers, provided my office with Jason’s cell phones, from which we were able to confirm Jason’s November 2013 communications with the FBI. Since Jason’s death, his family has grieved with the knowledge that Jason tried to blow the whistle on wrongdoing at the facility. They have legitimately questioned whether his concerns went unanswered. I hope the FBI sheds light on what actions it took, if any, after Jason’s outreach. I will continue to fight for the Simcakoski family to uncover the truth of what happened at the Tomah VAMC and to ensure that wrongdoers are held accountable.”