Sen. Ron Johnson visits UW-La Crosse’s R.O.T.C. program

UW-La Crosse’s R.O.T.C. is sticking around thanks in part to efforts from our elected officials.

The Army changed its mind on ending U-W-L’s military training program earlier this week.

Senators Ron Johnson, Tammy Baldwin, and Representative Ron Kind collaborated to help save it.

Senator Johnson visited the program Friday.

He says the military training program is the finest in the nation and hopes a two year probation period ends with a permanent re-instatement. “This is a program that really has done wonderful things in the past and will probably do some wonderful things in the future, so I’m pretty hopeful that this is more than probation, I think that this is kind of stepping away from a decision that does not seem particularly well advised at the time,” said Sen. Johnson.

R.O.T.C. has been at UW-La Crosse for more than 40 years.