Sen. Baldwin visits Pearl Street Brewery

Baldwin supports bill to help craft brewers

Senator Tammy Baldwin made a stop at Pearl Street Brewery while visiting La Crosse on Tuesday.

Baldwin introduced a bill last month called the Smart BREW Act that’s designed to help small brewers like Pearl Street grow. Right now, small craft breweries have to pay the same per-barrel tax on their beer as large brewers.

“The Small BREW Act would lower our excess taxes on the beer we produce, enabling us to reinvest back in our company, and back into employees and into equipment for the brewery,” said Pearly Street Brewery owner Joe Katchever.

Senator Baldwin says she proposed the bill because small breweries are becoming a big part of the state’s economy, and can play a role in revitalizing neighborhoods.

“Almost every community boasts a new startup or one that’s a little more established but is growing, and perhaps investing in new equipment or investing in rehabilitation of an old building that’s stood abandoned,” said Sen. Baldwin. “All of these things are happening throughout our state, it’s very exciting and we want to encourage that.”

The Small BREW Act has support on both sides of the aisle in the U.S. Senate.