Sen. Baldwin visits La Crosse restaurant after gay marriage controversy

The owner of Gracie's Gyros stood up to a negative poster online

U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin made a stop at Gracie’s Gyros and Wraps in La Crosse while she was in town Thursday. She was showing her support for the restaurant’s stance on gay marriage.

The owner of the Gracie’s, Despina Kozidis, came under fire from a customer when she posted on a local Facebook page with a rainbow filter profile picture. The filter is a symbol of support for same sex marriage.

A customer saw the profile picture and privately messaged her saying, he liked her restaurant, but would no longer eat there because he does not condone same sex relationships.”

With the help of her daughter, Kozidis replied saying, “That’s great! We prefer to have accepting… co-existing consumers. It seems we have come to an agreement that it is best for both parties that you do not visit my business. Thank you.”

The incident caught the attention of Senator Baldwin who is openly gay. “I said this is wonderful. Here’s La Crosse, Wisconsin, here’s a courageous business owner saying ‘I stand for my customers, I want to have a supportive and lovely atmosphere at my restaurant.’ I said next time I’m in La Crosse I would love to stop by.”

The owner of Gracie’s says she was surprised to hear Senator Baldwin was going to make a stop at the restaurant, and says this is the first time a U.S. Senator has ever been to the restaurant.