Selena Gomez surprises students at her former middle school

North Texas-based super star Selena Gomez surprised students at her former middle school.

Gomez visited Danny Jones Middle School, where she attended just a year before getting the job at Disney.

Seventh grade student Kevin Locks was shocked to see the busy crowd in his school.

“I’m going to theatre and here’s people running down this hall way, right here, and I’m like ‘What in the world is going on?'” he said.

And although students are only used to seeing Gomez on their TV screens, Locks said she was just like them.

“She was so casual. She was one of us,” he said.

Danny Jones Principal Travis Moore said this all happened because of a coffee run.

“She said she was going to get some coffee from Starbucks and said ‘Oh my god, this is my old school. Let me stop by.'” he said.

Gomez took the trip down to North Texas to show some of her friends her roots.

“This trip, I wanted to take my best friend Courtney and also some of my people from my label, just to show them where I grew up and how proud I am of where I’m from,” she said.

She said she even got to see some of her old teachers again.

Student Isabella Silerio said Gomez also worked out with them briefly — doing their warm up.

“She came in during our athletic block and everyone started running towards her, and we all took a picture on the bleachers,” she said.

Silerio continued to say that Gomez isn’t just a big star, but is also a big role model for them.

“She told us we just need to work hard and get through it, because eventually you can make it big,” she said. “She came from the same place we are and look where she is.”