Security upgrades coming to Central High School entrance

School board approves plans to move Central HS offices to secured entrance

Some security upgrades are coming to Central High School in La Crosse.

The school already had a secured entrance for its front doors, but previously, guests would have to go deep into the building to get to the school’s main office.

Monday night, the school board approved plans to move a portion of the school’s offices to an area connected to the secured entrance.

School officials say the move will mean guests in the building will always be accounted for.

“In this day and age when we talk about school safety and security, when people come into the building we want to be able to track them and know where they’re going immediately,” said Buildings and Grounds Supervisor Joe Ledvina. “Under the current situation, they get buzzed into the building, but they have to walk halfway through (the building).”

The school district hopes to break ground on the improved security area sometime next week, with the project being completed in mid-November.