Second Zika infection in Florida

La Crosse Co. Health Department: Focus on preventing local infections

Another possible case of the Zika virus contracted within the United States is being investigated in Florida.

Cases of the virus in the US have been due to either travel or sexual transmission until this week. The two cases in Florida require a mosquito to bite a traveler returning to the state while infected.

The La Crosse County Health Department says the Zika virus is a long ways from here, and we should focus on keeping safe from local mosquito borne infections like West Nile.

“We’re hitting peak time for those viruses here. July, August, September are really the high water marks as far as activity for the mosquitos that carry those diseases and for the virus within those populations,” said La Crosse County Health Department Vector Control Manager ave Geske.

Officials recommend you remove any standing water near your home to prevent more mosquitoes from hatching.