Search continues for La Crosse teen who went missing 13 years ago

Jayme Closs has returned home nearly three months after she first went missing. During that time, the community and investigators continued to search for answers. But sometimes, missing persons cases grow cold for years.

In 2005, then-15-year-old Madeline Edman went missing on La Crosse’s north side. Even after all this time, investigators with the La Crosse Police Department have never stopped looking for the teenager.

Capt. Shawn Kudron of the La Crosse Police Department remembers when Edman went missing on July 29, 2005.

“We believe she was at a laundromat with a family member and she had left that area,” Kudron said.

Investigators talked to the people who knew her best to get a better understanding of her life and what happened right before she disappeared

“We certainly talked with family members, friends of Madeline, and anyone that we believed might have had some information into where she might have went or where she might be,” Kudron said.

Kudron said at the time she went missing, it looked like Edman had a difficult time with people close to her.

“That made the investigation difficult as well. Because we just weren’t sure what her intentions were,” Kudron said.

Family members had heard that she may have been in the area.

“Her sister’s friends and other people that I know have seen her like at Walmart or the doctor’s office. And they’ve told me they’ve seen her,” said Maureen Edman during an interview with News 8 in 2013.

But Kudron says the only thing they could verify was that last time at the laundromat.

“That’s the last contact that we were able to find that someone would of had with Madeline and we have not heard from her since,” Kudron said.

Over the years, authorities have tried unique ways to generate leads– even distributing playing cards with Madeline’s face to prisons and sheriff’s departments around the state.

“The hope is that inmates will see crimes they know about on the cards and come forward to police with information to try to negotiate a deal,” reported Jenna Troum, a former reporter for News 8.

The department has also used resources like the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System to generate tips.

“We wanted to get the information out to the entire nation that Madeline’s missing,” Kudron said.

Kudron said they’ve asked new investigators to look at the case for new perspective to see if there’s anything else they could to locate her.

“We’re just continuing with that approach right now and hoping that we one day find out where she is and hope that she is safe,” Kudron said.

Madeline would be 28 now. She is described as bi-racial, both Hispanic and white. One eye is blue while the other is green. She has a scar on her left leg and several tattoos, including a heart on her left hip and a cross on her right arm. If you have any information on her current whereabouts, you are asked to contacted the La Crosse Police Department so they may continue the investigation.

There is another case of a missing child in our area. The Onalaska Police Department is looking for information on 15-year-old Jakob Moran. He was last seen on Oct. 28, 2018. Moran is Hispanic and white. He is 5 foot, 3 inches tall and weighs 115 pounds. Anyone with information should call the Onalaska Police Department.

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