Scoring depth, high-effort defense brings Aquinas back to State

Bri Bahr, Alaina Bagniefski playing significant roles alongside Donarski, Weisbrod

About this time last year, just days into the pandemic, Aquinas girls basketball arrived home from Green Bay after their state title game was canceled. It was a somber arrival, not a dry eye among the group.

From those feeling of devastation and hopelessness came a collective promise: that the Blugolds would be back and finish what last year’s group started. And here they are, 21-0 and in the final four of Division 3.

We’ve shown you this season the dynamic duo of Macy Donarski and Jacy Weisbrod who’ve lit up the stat sheet, and they deserve their credit.

But this team also has depth. Bri Bahr is one of two seniors on the team and she’s shooting 45 percent from downtown, junior Alaina Bagniefski adds 7 points a game and shoots 48 percent overall.
You can add 10 other players who’ve contributed to this team. It’s a group that says they all seem to catch fire as soon as one person gets going.

“We love to see everyone succeed in their shooting,” Bagniefski said. “When one person’s shooting well, the more confident everyone is. It’s game over.”

The defense has also been just as impressive, with Aquinas able to show several looks and come up with 12 steals a game. Macy Donarski leads the steal category but Bagniefski, who’s back after a year away from the team, is right behind her.

“Alaina brings all the energy to this team,” the senior Bahr said. “She’s someone we need on this team. She’s the top of our 1-3-1 [defense] and gets everything going for us. She came back. She’s so strong and we’re happy to have her this year.”

“I just think everyone is just super dedicated to their part,” said Bagniefski, “and that’s what makes this such a great team and why we’re going back.”

Aquinas takes on 19-5 Westfield in the D4 state semifinal Friday at 10:45 a.m. in Oshkosh.