School bus rear ended Monday morning in Sparta

An early morning crash involving a Sparta school bus have students claiming injuries Monday.

According to the Sparta Police Department’s Facebook page, a school bus being driven by Marvin N. Scholl, 50, of Sparta, was stopped on N. Chester Street waiting to turn on E. Montgomery Street when it was rear ended by a car.

The driver of the car, Chad J. Needham, 47, of Sparta, claimed to have stopped behind the bus and was not sure how he rear ended it, police said. Needham told officers there was a recall on his car’s transmission, indicating a mechanical problem caused him to accelerate and crash into the bus.

Needham was cited for inattentive driving and for obstructing an officer.

Several teenaged students complained of injuries including neck, head, and back pain, according to officers. None of the students required medical attention and and were transferred to a different bus and brought to school, police said.